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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 27, 2016 2:33am-3:00am EST

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>> no, heck no. >> i love this guy. what are you up to? >> cleaning, fingerprints. >> this guy is -- he's got it going. >> hold on, hold on. you broke it. you're going to get me a new phone? >> no. >> anyone who dropped it, are hoping he'll go away. >> i was hoping someone would grab it and just throw it across the store. >> really, really give him what he was asking for. >> you might wonder why he is called uncle john. he is uncle john. with somebody very familiar with jack veil. this is jack veil's uncle. he did another video as well. he did another one in which jack actually helped him shoot. we'll put that one and the other one up on our website, head to
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see you on the next "right this minute"! a truck loaded are logs heads downhill. >> did somebody call for firewood? >> now we know where to pick some up. >> no, oh! >> it's the inspiring tale of a world traveler. >> he' a quadruple amputee. but that is not slowing him down. >> see the journey of no excuses and how to join in. >> there are bubbles like you've never seen this before. >> i love stuff like this. >> the delicate art project that will blow your mind. >> and a dating prank has a beautiful woman. suddenly show up. with a big old nasty mole.
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straight face. >> this video looks like it's up high off the road. that's right. you're traveling in a lorry. or a truck as we like to call them. that's why you're getting this bird'sye view. but watch out -- >> no! >> we'reot done right. >> just to go in the house and stop short. >> it looks like it stopped short of the house. but right through the stone fencing of the garden. let's break it down, watch it again. the van is pulled over to the side. that causes the black car to slow down. it knows there's not a lot of room between the van and the oncoming truck. >> the person behind is not expecting the black car to slow down. bangs into the back of the black car. >> the insurance company, explain i hit that car, that truck and that person's house. >> in this second video here, you know where this is going. a giant log truck, we've seen this kind of every time i see
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this show has made me nervous. >> if i see a big load on something, i slow down or speed past it. >> at the bottom of dhe hill, there's a left-handed sweeper. thank goodness there's a guardrail there. >> no! >> oh! >> man. >> did somody call for firewood? >> it's like "final destination 2." >> >> that's a big old mess, thank goodness, the truck tipped to the right off the road and wasn't going around a right-hander. which may have caused the giant load of logs to go into oncoming traffic. >> is the driver okay? >> we believe the driver was okay. >> they kind of slowly folded over on to its side. >> that would be a clean-up job and a half.
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little inspation, because this might just change your attitude if you need a little adjustment this is anne, she's an australian photographer. she travels all over the world. with chris cook because she partned up with him after meeting him at random. in one of their travels, realizing what a gem of a human being she is b bause he is a quadruple amputee. bubu that is slowing her down. at all. they travel and visit different communities, she is a motivational speaker. using this as an opportunity to inspire people while she's meeting people and they're sharing this story as part of a gofundme campaign. because they would like your help to continue their journey to document this experience. >> videos of this a2e incredible for how we find excuses. people are saying ian't travel. people with disabilities say i can't do this. he's doing it all.
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bad enough. they can make it happen. >> 0-often is -- >> how often do people realize there's nothing stoppin them from doing what they want. >> i read somewhere that dreamss never die, people just give up on them too quickly. >> sometimes w w have this woe is me sinyndromesyndrome. >> you have the gofundme campaign, but they also are selling some of the prints from their journeys and they have some amazing shots. and cli on tv show and can you see it on our mobile app. our researchers and producers do a great job of finding amazing videos. this one -- phenomenal. >> i love it. >> look at that. >> this is great.
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crystallize in front of your eyeballs. >> this is the work of artists michelle lynn fritz and i was just dumbfounded when i saw it all of the b buty of nature surrounding the bubble and she's so brilliant. by framing this. right behind you. you only have a few minutes to get this right. the sun when it's that low, it disappears quick. >> is it time lapse? >> no time lapse here, but you're going to see it happen from beginning to end. e does this right in her back garden. >> i want to pick it up. i want to keep it. put it in my freeze >> wow. >> something about bubbles in general brings out the kid in all of us. >> i don't think you can touch it. what do we know about bubbles? as soon as you tch it -- wham. >> she was blowing bubbles out & in this weather until she got the right size, she was able to put it@ down. it must have taken forever. >> if you want to try it mix glycerin with soap and water. sprinkle snow on the table and
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place it gently on the table and then one thing, you got to press the cord. as the bubble cools, the ice crystals form inside and that's where you get all of those beautiful shapes. >> and each one is completely unique. >> yes. >> sometimes the long arm of the@ law isn't long enough and civilians think that they need to get involved. we're going to start with a car chase in russia. >> they get behind this car, they s srt announcing they need to stop. i'm thinking if he does get away i'm thinking he can call 45, 45, 45, they can get the guy. can you see the guy we're chasing right there obviously he's caused the accident. it looks like he's blocked in. with the next cut can you see it's not true. when the video cuts again. this guy has taken it upon himself. he comes up. hits the car then gets out. >> whoa whoa. >> before the police come up and
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>> watch as the guy dumping around him. he goes around the front tries to get a piece. i want a piece of this guy. >> we head over to malaysia, for our second video. a somewhat scarier situation. the vehicle can you see was involved in an accident with the motorbike. and the motorbike rider was a & local. now a lot of locals have gathered around and it's a little bit of street justice. this guy gets off his bike and ends up borrowing the helmet from the dude next to him and he startstsmashing up the car. >> taking out the windows, around now that you can fanally hear the siren. >> our report says they also attacked the driver outside of that. i've got no extra information. >> this is a difficult situation. because it could have just been an accident and stuff like that happens. only an entire group of people
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to be scarey. you've got to let theaw come in and take its course. >> a fire truck has a new purpose in life. >> all they're going to do is turn on the hose and wait for the water to turn blue. >> the one of a kind gender reveal. plus the world's newest musical instrument. >> what's cool about the kadabra, it's an innovative wireless instrument. >> hear what this piece of art sounds like. now you can create your own tour of f aly at olive garden, starting at $12.99. chcose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and eadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden. marvin thinks you have to be a brainiac to do your own taxes. so we brought in world-renowned brainiac, to help him. take your finger and press it right here.
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>> announcer: closed captiong provided by -- i have to imagine having a baby is kind of an exciting thing. >> it's exciting for everybody involved. terrifying, too. >> mom and dad are about to find out what the gender is. and they grab a knife and they cut into the cake. [ cheers and applause ] >> someone screams it's a boy. apparently it is a boy. dad sees it -- and isn shock. and just falls to the ground. >> whoa! >> he just was overme?
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and mom jumps on him to celebrate. >> doeoe he have like seven daughters? is that it? >> well actually he has four daughters already. so he is really e cited about the boy. >> maybe justeally likes blue cake. >> maybe! >> he's so excited. he can't stand it. >> overcome with joy. >> this revealed to this sleet clever one. >> they used a fire truck to reveal the gender. all they're going to do is turn on the hose and wait for the water to turn either pink or blue. they're waiting, anticipating the color change and here it comes -- >> hey! >> it's going to be a girl. >> wow. >> that's kind of neat. >> do we know how they did that? >> hello, 911? >> the problem is now they can't really move.
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hug each other because the water is still rning and those hoses are very strong. this is one of the world's newest musicalalinstruments. as you can see, the guy just put a microphone on top. t me just play a little music from it for you. [ bleep ] cool, man. >> groovy. it's like a guitar. >> this is a legitimately new instrument by tribal tools. >> it's called a kadabra. >> it's a nthesizer, but it's ergonomic. it's wireless, you know like on an oboe, you have to learn the positions and the sound it makes, you have to do it on this one. they have the metal lines and the frets like on a guitar. when you move it around.
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it makes it softet if you move it one way or it can make the sound louder. >> something between gandolf and star wars. >> the only thing i want to hear coming out of that is -- >> that's the only thing it should play. >> >> you can sing into the microphone and it willll synthesize your voice. you could get it in the black version or you can get it in wood. >> i like is an instruction manual this big, epic. salty or sweet? >> salty. >> sweet. >> sweet all day long. >> i'm glad you guys can choose just one.
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mcdonald's is releasing chocolate fries. chris from the youtube channel reviewed it. let's see what h thinks. >> double chocolate sauce. because one chocolate sauce simply isn't enough. >> the pack includes white chocolate and regular chocolate. >> i guess i'm glad it's a packet and not that there's some employee just squirti chocolate sauce on the fries. that looks so gross. >> you know how long it took me to get acccctomed to the idea of salted chocolate or salted carmel. >> i've had a chocolate-dipped potato chip, not bad. >> i'm sure it was made by some sort of gourmet, not mcdonald's. >> let's see how they did. >> oh yeah, it workrk it definitely works. the salt on the fries doesn't overpower the chocolate. >> it looks like chris likes the concept. >> to be clear, we're not getting this in the states, it's
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>> no, it's not in the states, just in japan. it's a limited time as well. >> if you're watching this at home. just jump on a plane to japan. >> or get some chocolate sauce out of your cupboard. you have it for your ice cream, an do it for your fries. >> that was quick. a dog is a man's best friend. >> like this dog who seems to be very connected to its owner's emotions. >> find out what has this cutie wagging itstail. >> it doesn't have a very good poker tail. and something is about to go down. >> that is kaitlyn, she is being led into this room upstairsrs above her favorite coffee shop by her best friend. >> see what awaits her on the rooftop. >> that's so nice. >> what a sigh of relief. now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartbu. get complete protection with the new leader
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considerations provided by -- i have two videos here where dogs are involved. this first one happens to be captured at a vet's office, we're in the back. and it looks like these two nurses are trying to treat this dog. you've got one wearing the pink scrubs, trying to sit on the dog. and it looks like its paw they're trying to treat. but that dog is enormous. >> it looks like the same size as this woman. and the thing is it's going to be super strong as well. >> this dog does not like what they're doingone single bit. it's not going to fight back. it's just going to take off. >> taking the nurse with it.
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it's amazing. >> and it's hilarious because the people left behind, , ey look back and they just start cracking up. >> you know they realize they look up and go -- we've got to check the cameras. that's going to be awesome. >> they really do have a mind of their owow and personalities of their own like this dog who seems to be very connected to its owners emotions. watch this -- >> that's awesome. dogs can't speak our language. but they quickly learn all of our facialreactions, our body actions. they know what's going on just by watching osely. they can tell. >> they go cookie? i'm sorry. cookie? cookie! meow. >> as you can see because of the man bending over in front of the screen, something is about to go down.
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kaitlyn, she's being led into thisisoom yuf stairs above her favorite coffee shop by her best friend because her boyfriend wants her to watch a video. while she's watching this he's hiding on the roof. what is t ts video? i think you can guess right here when you see two girls looking at a picture of an engagement ring. you see before he proposed, he bought the ring and told all her friend and family what he was going to do. >> that's sky. >> but as you can see, he did it the old-fashioned way. he went and asked for a little permission from her dad. >> that's so nice. >> yeah. >> and what a sigh of relief, too. >> he was approved by d. his friends were like why wouldn't he approve. other friends are surprised. i like this guy's reaction because it's very nick calderone-ish. >> if she sees this video and says no, this is going to be a complete waste of time. >> okay.
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>> they're excited, friends are excited, dad was excited, is she excited? >> the moment i looked upon your face, i knew, this is it. i'm home. >> he tells her to come upstairs. >> he's hiding on the roof. he doesn't know she's there, so she shows up. >> very romantic on the roof. >> he drops on one knee. she says yes. >> i know they have great friends and family. because nobody spills the beans. these twins were born to prank. >> this is going to go on the internet dating route. one of them has been dating online. and the other one, her identical twin is going to suddenly sho up -- >> but see what she shows up with that throws the men off. >> captain subtle there his eyes
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>> i think you shoi by the crazy russian hack certificate exactly what's in the dictionary when they say -- don't try this at home. >> i was yolking. and there's going to be yolking all over the place. >hat will happen to a neck if you microwave it. one way to find out. >> he's going to microwave the g in the shell to see what happens. >> good thing safety is his number one priority. >> this immediately makes me want to do this. >> you don't want to do this. >> with an old microwave outside. >> maybe if you don't want to have to clean it out. >> boom.
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have thunk it. >> that's egg-zactly what i thought would happen. >> look at this explosion, you should not try to microwave an egg. >> i think we learned today fro the crazy russian hacker. >> you should crack the egg before you cook it. >> something makeses me think the crazy russian hacker is running out of things to test. >> did you see that? >> in a world where prank videos rule the internet and you are a in, what are you to do but get out there and prank some people? >> today we're going to be doing the mole prank. >> i have an internet date. i'm going to get to know you guys a little bit. >> i'm going to pull the bait and switch. >> here they are on the park bench. having a good oldsandwich. picnic style date. >> this side so it doesn't double dip. it's -- >> i guess about a year since my
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>> so they start talking. friendly, you're very generic, average first date. you start talking about most random simple things. >> just wouldn't be proper if -- >> oh, my god, that's so sweet.t. >> he hands over a flower and now she has to walk to the little girl'soom down the way. the one that comes back is the one with the mole. >> it's like a hairy mole as well. >> he's just like trying to hold back his laughter. >> he can't help it he's like -- >> what is it? [ laughter ] >> so sorry. oh [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> is that a big-ass mole on your lip? >> yes. >> you got to respect him. everybody else was tip-toeing around it. >> she makes him feel really bad. >> that was not there just when you left.
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>> actually it was, it was just covered up. do you have a problem with that? >> you covered that up? >> that poor guy. >> the best part is his reaction when they finally reveal it's all fake. >> i could swear you h a mole a second ago. >> we pranked you. we're twins. >> there's the camera. >> i just didn't -- >> we got yo >> oh man! >> thanks for watching today,
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